Our story

In the outskirts of Jelling, Denmark - a fitness world changing company was born...
Our vision
Our vision is to help both fitness coaches and clients succeed in making personalized workout easy. Gymmio is built to engage your clients and boost their motivation.
Our story
The danish fitness app Gymmio is the perfect tool for both coaches and athletes. The solution consists of two different products: Gymmio Dashboard for fitness trainers and Gymmio App for clients/athletes. Gymmio Dashboard gives you all the tools and features you need as a fitness coach to manage and keep up with your clients, their training routines and progress. The dashboard is even your communication channel with an in-app messaging system, and the workout plan builder is a real timesaver. The dashboard is not only the perfect solution for managing your existing clients – it is your access to promoting your coaching business to a dedicated audience, aka the Gymmio App users. Gymmio App is the athlete’s favorite companion, whether you have a fitness coach or you are working out by yourself at the gym or at home. The app creates the perfect workout plan for you based on your current level and aspirations, and lets you keep track of your improvements. As you enter more data after each fitness session, your personal workout plan is gradually adjusted, ensuring the balance between too easy/too hard sessions.